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    One-Click SMS to All

    Fastest means of sending group messages. Type your message and click send.

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    Functional Phonebook

    A full featured Phonebook makes it easy to store student and employee contact numbers. Easy addition and update.

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    NonStop & Round-the-Clock

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No data loss. No failure.

How can Help Your School? feature - send emergency alerts

Send Emergency Alerts

The School is closed and you have to send an emergency alert e.g. holiday, change in exam schedule. What to do? Simple. Just open your account and send an alert to all concerned. Done! feature - late fee reminder

Send Late Fee Reminders

Some parents always forget to pay in time. Why not send a gentle reminder to the parents. Help them remember. Its that easy. feature - send alerts and notices to teachers

Send Alerts to Teachers

Be it a change in the timetable or PTM timings. Send quick alerts to your teachers. It is far more easier than printing notices. Available 24/7. feature - keep parents informed

Keep Parents Informed

Parents love to be kept in the loop. Keep them informed about their kids, your school events and functions. Send them alerts. Increase your rapport with efficiency. Simple and effective.

What Makes Different? feature - easy to use

Easy to Use

Email is easy to use because its online. So is Like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail, it just makes sense. feature - No Virus. Data Safe and Secure

No Virus. Data Safe & Secure

Viruses kill data. keeps your data in safe storage. Keep it as long as you wish. No more worries about loosing data to hardware problems or software crashes. feature - Low Cost Solution

Speed with Economy

Phone calls are expensive. Printed Paper cost even more. SMS at is highly cost effective. You pay less, get more. feature - always on, 24/7, anywhere, everywhere

Round-the-Clock Service

Internet is the best place to be. It is always on and most accessible. Be it your School, office, home, restaurant, cafe, hotel or on the road. is always available and working.

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Why is the Best Option?

School messaging is done through various means. Let us take a school of 300 students and put these various solutions to test.

Emergency alerts
Time Spent
a few hours
a few hours
a few minutes
office hours
office hours
high initial cost
Data Security
Prone to viruses
System Complexity
Record Keeping
Time Saving

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